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HCA Technical Specifications

Healthcare Academy offers several tools to the long term care industry to help with staff training and organization QA. The information seen here will help you determine what you need to have in place prior to implementing HCA and/or any of its components.

Number of Computers

  • If using HCA for inservice training – 2 computers per 50 staff is sufficient
  • If using HCA for the QIS Package – at least 1 computer per facility required. Laptops preferred but not required.

Online Coursework & Learning Management System

  • Browser requirements: Internet Explorer 8 or 9.
  • JavaScript enabled in your browser (typically enabled by default)
  • Adobe Flash Player – site will inform users if not installed
  • Pop-up blockers need to be disabled OR pop-ups from HCA allowed
  • Adobe Reader (or other PDF reader) since lessons contain links to PDF files

QIS Wizards

  • Download from HCA's LMS
  • Once downloaded, no internet connection required
  • Microsoft Excel 2002 or newer

QIS Reporting Tool

  • Microsoft Access 2007 runtime – automatically installed with the Reporting Tool
  • Windows XP, Vista, or 7 required
  • Not recommended for multi-user use (simultaneous connections via the network)
  • Database files/application are installed to the Windows user's home directory

Additional Details

  • Please make sure is allowed if your organization's IT department is restricting access to websites.