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Quality Assessment and Customer Satisfaction Survey System


  • Easily access on-screen QA survey entry forms in any laptop, iPad, or tablet to compile resident responses and data;


  • Use ReadyQ’s reporting tool to get a top-level view of specific care and skill areas requiring improvement;


  • Access targeted e-learning courses in Healthcare Academy to train and improve specific skills and practices for individual members of your clinical, resident care, and facility teams.


ReadyQ provides a complete quality assessment and improvement tool, for use both in both pre-survey preparedness and for continuous QA monitoring and improvement in your facility.

Use ReadyQ to gather feedback and data, identify practice gaps in care that require remedial training. Use Healthcare Academy e-learning modules to train and close these gaps to address potential problems in resident care before they become issues during a survey.

Use ReadyQ to survey residents, their families, facility staff, and other key respondents on critical care and service areas for each resident. Once the survey is complete, ReadyQ’s reporting feature to identify individual areas in resident care or general practices needing improvement.

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