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Integrated Training

A single, Low-Cost Training, Quality, Compliance, and Documentation Solution


For Better Resident Outcomes, Streamlined Compliance, and Improved Facility Performance. Healthcare Academy provides organizations with a single, fully integrated solution combining all of the essential elements for comprehensive post-acute training, compliance, QA and customer satisfaction:


  • Quality Management/Quality Assurance: Use ReadyQ for ongoing QA, to find areas in need of improvement;
  • Staff Assessment and Training: Use the e-Learning system to provide proven, targeted education to address specific skill remediation needs, and to meet ongoing compliance and continuing education requirements;
  • Customer Satisfaction: Use the QAPI tools to compile resident, family, and staff interview data and identify key concerns and areas for improvement through additional training as needed


Save Costs by Eliminating Multiple Vendors

With Healthcare Academy’s integrated system, you can eliminate multiple QA, customer satisfaction, e-learning, and learning management systems – consolidate all of these applications into our single long-term care training and quality management training system, for significantly less cost. 


  • Reduce your overall cost for training, compliance, and documentation systems: By combining assessment, training, QA, customer satisfaction, documentation, and learning management into one integrated system, Healthcare Academy eliminates the substantial added cost of purchasing multiple systems from different vendors to address each of these requirements;


  • Save staff costs required to learn and use different systems from different vendors: All Healthcare Academy application share a single interface accessible in a single, Web-based system- no need for your team to waste time learning each different vendor’s workflow and user interface, or trying to exchange data between different systems;


  • Easy, efficient, secure data access: All staff and facility data within the Healthcare Academy system- training session records, QA, MDS data, customer service and more- are easily accessible to give staff easy, rapid access to all data required for training, assessment, compliance, learning management, and documentation purposes;


  • Easy access to compliance documentation: Fast, one-step access to all records required to meet CMS and state survey regulations requiring documentation for staff training and competency
Integrated System Features
  • Quality Assessment: Perform QA ReadQ, HCA’s quality management tool;


  • E-Learning Assessment and Training: Use Healthcare Academy’s extensive library of targeted coursework, produced by leading subject matter experts, to improve your care team’s skills for better outcomes;


  • Learning Management System (LMS): Access full training records for each learner from a single dashboard in the Healthcare Academy LMS to assess training needs and performance, and to meet compliance requirements;


  • Customer Satisfaction: Use HCA’S customer satisfaction survey tools to measure your facility’s performance and identify areas for improvement

Integrated Training, Quality Management, and Compliance



A Streamlined Solution, Needed Now More Than Ever To Meet the Latest State CMS Survey Documentation Requirements


Under the recently updated Requirements of Participation (RoP), surveyors are now required to ask for documentation of training for all your facility’s staff, as well as proof of competency in the wide range of skills, practices, and procedures performed by your staff in their daily work at your facility.


Healthcare Academy’s integrated system can help any care and HR teams meet these higher documentation requirements by providing immediate access to all training records in a variety of formats, including data now required to document competency under the RoP.

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