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ICD-10-CM Certificate Program

Healthcare Academy offers a comprehensive ICD-10-CM Certificate Program to help educate staff on proper ICD-10-CM coding, a critical component in the Patient Driven Payment Model (PDPM). Starting now, organizations should focus on honing staff ICD-10-CM coding skills which will be critical under the new PDPM reimbursement model! HCA has updated their ICD-10-CM Certificate Program to incorporate the most recent changes. Nurses and coding professional in long term care will play a key role in the new reimbursement process by providing accurate coding and complete documentation.


Diagnostic Coding Training for Long-Term Care

Healthcare Academy ICD-10 training uses a case study method to give learners diagnostic coding training and experience using real-world clinical resident examples to code an entire case from beginning to end.


ICD-10 Training Applications

Healthcare Academy ICD-10 education can be used in the following areas:

  • New hire training;
  • Current ICD-10 education;
  • Assessment of staff coding ability;
  • Refresher and remediation education for current staff;
  • Reference tool;
  • ANCC accredited continuing education

ICD-10-CM Certificate Program Courses

Healthcare Academy is accredited as a provider of continuing nursing education by the American Nurses Credentialing Centers Commission on Accreditation. The target audience for this program are nurses in the long-term care setting. Participants will receive 14.5 contact hours of continuing education for licensed nurses and 14.5 continuing education units for AHIMA professionals upon successful completion of all lessons within this curriculum.

Lessons within this curriculum are listed below.

Lesson Name CH
ICD-10-CM: Introduction 0.75
ICD-10-CM: Conventions 0.75
ICD-10-CM: General Coding Guidelines and Examples 1.0
ICD-10-CM: Ethical Coding Fraud and Abuse 1.0
ICD-10-CM: Chapter 1: Certain infectious and Parasitic Diseases (A00-B99) 0.5
ICD-10-CM: Chapter 2: Neoplasms (C00-D49) 0.5
ICD-10-CM: Chapter 3: Diseases of the Blood and Blood-forming Organs and Certain Disorders Involving the Immune Mechanism (D50-D89) 0.25
ICD-10-CM: Chapter 4: Endocrine, Nutritional and Metabolic Diseases (E00-E89) 0.75
ICD-10-CM: Chapter 5: Mental, Behavioral and Neurodevelopmental Disorders (F01-F99) 0.5
ICD-10-CM: Chapter 6: Diseases of the Nervous System (G00-G99) 0.75
ICD-10-CM: Chapter 7: Diseases of the Eye and Adnexa (H00-H59) 0.25
ICD-10-CM: Chapter 8: Diseases of the Ear and Mastoid Process (H60-H95) 0.5
ICD-10-CM: Chapter 9: Diseases of the Circulatory System (I00- I99) 0.75
ICD-10-CM: Chapter 10: Diseases of the Respiratory System (J00-J99) 0.5
ICD-10-CM: Chapter 11: Diseases of the Digestive System (K00-K95) 0.5
ICD-10-CM: Chapter 12: Diseases of the Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue (L00-L99) 0.5
ICD-10-CM: Chapter 13: Diseases of the Musculoskeletal System and Connective Tissue (M00- M99) 0.5
ICD-10-CM: Chapter 14: Diseases of the Genitourinary System (N00-N99) 0.5
ICD-10-CM: Chapter 17: Congenital Malformations, Deformations, and Chromosomal Abnormalities (Q00-Q99) 0.25
ICD-10-CM: Chapter 18: Symptoms, Signs and Abnormal Clinical and Laboratory Findings (R00-Q99) 0.5
ICD-10-CM: Chapter 19: Injury, Poisoning, and Certain Other Consequences of External Causes (S00-T88) 0.5
ICD-10-CM: Chapter 21: Factors Influencing Health Status and Contact with Health Services(Z00-Z99) 0.5
ICD-10-CM: Case Studies 1.0
ICD-10-CM: Coding Competency Exam 1.0

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