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How it Works:

1. Evaluator accesses student(s) competency checklists using a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop PC;

2. Evaluator observes demonstration of the skill or procedure;

3. If the student performs the skill incorrectly, remediation can occur by viewing an online video;

4. Student repeats the skill or procedure;

5. If performed correctly, evaluator documents successful skill completion.

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The First 100% Digital Competency Tool

Online Competency Assessment and Documentation

The CMS Requirements of Participation (RoP) require long-term care facilities to document staff competency. Healthcare Academy’s eCompetencies® has been developed by industry thought leaders using evidence-based practices. It replaces paper-based systems and provides competency assessment, skills remediation, and documentation in one online system. HCA can help efficiently identify, assess, correct, and document a wide range of skills required for care teams to demonstrate competency under F-Tag 726 Competent Nursing Staff (483.35 Nursing Services).

eCompetencies® can be used in a variety of ways (as part of skills fairs, at the bedside, during orientation and as a tool for corrective action) using a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop PC to rapidly assess and document competency requirements in real-time.


Each staff member for competency in a specific skill or procedure


On-the-spot skills review or remediation to correct deficiencies in practice using concise, targeted online videos and modules


Documentation and reporting of staff competency, real-time

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