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AHCA RoP eCompetencies™

Evidenced-based digital competencies that help skilled nursing facilities comply with F-Tag 726 under CMS Requirements of Participation (RoP).

Meet the challenges you are facing:
• Meet CMS and RoP mandates
• Satisfy ongoing infection control measures
• Evaluate and document staff skills in real time
• Prepare for ongoing surveys

100% Focused on Long-Term Care

Consistently train, evaluate and document key staff competencies

  • Comply with F-TAG 726 RoP – each competency is designed based on the State Operations Manual, Appendix PP
  • 100% digital competency tool
  • Documentation of return demonstration
  • Evidence-based checklists
  • Videos included to aid in skill progression and remediation
  • Interdisciplinary and relevant to staff in many departments

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