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How it Works


1)  Evaluator assigns competency checklists to any staff from any device

2)  The evaluator observes staff demonstrate the skill or procedure


3) If staff fails to perform a skill correctly, they can review the skill online themselves

4) Staff member repeats the skill or procedure


5) Once correctly performed, the evaluator documents the staff’s successful skill completion

Reports can be accessed anytime as needed

Introducing the ACHA RoP eCompetencies® tool

Comply with new Requirements of Participation staff competency requirements. Our validated learning checklists help you assess skills, identify and remediate gaps and monitor compliance across your entire staff.

Created in partnership with AHCA

Easily avoid F-Tag 726 by assessing competencies of every staff member in the areas of infection control, resident rights, safety and more.  Use our digital tools to assess, remediate and document real-time  demonstration of any skill for reporting when surveyors arrive.

Why Use AHCA ROP Competency Monitor?

Consistently assess and document evidence-based competencies:

  • Comply with CMS and RoP mandates
  • Referenced in the State Operations Manual and Facility Assessment Tool
  • Videos included to aid in skill development
  • Interdisciplinary and relevant to all staff

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