ReadyQ Suite

ReadyQ is a new online product replacing Healthcare Academy’s QIS wizard. Our customers asked for a product that is web based, has a “dashboard” that allows viewing of multiple facilities, and allows for downloading of MDS information. Our customers also asked that we keep it as easy to use as the former Wizards. Our new ReadyQ product does all of this!
The Quality Indicator Survey (QIS) was developed under Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), and is being implemented nationwide. This multi-stage, structured process helps surveyors objectively and thoroughly scrutinize regulatory areas. Healthcare Academy provides comprehensive solutions, including simulated surveys and online courses, to help you prepare your staff and facility for QIS with confidence.Healthcare Academy has worked with industry leaders to design the QIS Suite – a comprehensive web-based program that allows you and your staff to prepare for the QIS process. This package contains: QA tools, comprehensive reporting tool, and online training courses.
If you are a student and would like to purchase the QIS curriculum for Continuing Education, please visit our course catalogue. If you are a facility administrator and are interested in offering our QIS courses to your staff, please contact us for more information.

QA Tools

There are 5 forms to help you QA your organization and identify areas of quality improvement. They are:

  • Resident Interview form
  • Family Interview form
  • Staff Interview form
  • Census Record form
  • Admission Record form

Reporting Tool

The QIS Suite features a reporting tool that will allow you to compile the information gathered through the forms. These reports include:

  • Interview Summary
    Combines all answers and comments from individual interviews in one report.
  • Multiple  Report
    Aggregates results from multiple tools.
  • Bridge Report
    Summarizes results for care areas below threshold.
  • Action Plan
    Allows user to create plans to address problem areas.
  • Online training course recommendation
    Pinpoints HCA QIS courses that will help in areas in which staff training will help eliminate the problem(s).

Online Training

With the QIS Suite, you are able to access 38 online QIS training modules to help you address staff training needs around QIS.

Lesson List (PDF) Lesson Descriptions Contact Us

Learning Management System

With the QIS Package, you are able to access the learning management system.

  • Add an unlimited number of employees for online training.
  • Enroll your employees in any combination of courses.
  • Run detailed reports on course progress, print completion certificates, and check overall compliance.
  • Training records are stored for six years after completion.
  • Access the learning management system 24/7/365 from any computer.

To view Continuing Education Information see our course listing.