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10 May 21

Infection Control: Long-term Care Survey and Regulatory Implications

Infection control is a concept familiar to the long-term care industry for the past decade or longer. It will continue to be a focus for surveyors as the industry reflects on lessons learned during the COVID-19 pandemic and how those lessons will prepare facilities for the future.

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16 May 21

Staff Development in Long-term Care

Skilled nursing facilities are under increasing pressure to amp up staff development opportunities. This pressure stems from the need for facilities to implement, monitor, and track staff competency training as outlined in the Requirements of Participation (RoP).

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14 May 21

Leading Industry Competency Tools Offered in Partnership Between Healthcare Academy and AHCA/NCAL

The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) outlines in the Requirements of Participation that long-term care facilities must implement and track staff competencies for compliance (2017). There are some extremely useful tools available for facilities to help achieve staff competency compliance goals.

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12 May 21

Competencies for Phase 3 – Requirements of Participation (RoP)

The long-term care industry is finally getting some time to catch their breath and reflect on the tumultuous times of 2020. Reviewing the 2020 timeline of events may be enough to make your heart race but it is important to evaluate what the industry endured and what is trending now.

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