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E-Learning and Compliance in One Low Cost, Web-Based System
Replace multiple software system at one cost. 


With Healthcare Academy’s integrated e-learning and compliance system, you can replace the multiple systems and vendors with a single solution at a lower cost. Gain additional cost savings by eliminating the hundreds of additional hours required for staff to learn and use multiple vendor systems—care and administrative teams only need to learn and use one easy, Web-based system to meet all your training, compliance, and continuing education requirements.

An Easy-to-Use, Web-Based System
Accessible from Any Desktop PC, Laptop, or Tablet


Our suite of e-learning courses and integrated learning management and compliance system are accessible in a secure, easy-to-use Web-based format. Nursing, care, and administrative teams can log on to our system using any desktop PC, laptop, or tablet to access training courses. Additionally, users can enroll new staff, collect resident and staff data for QA and customer surveys, review staff training records, and provide all documentation and reporting required to meet federal and state compliance requirements.


On-Demand Compliance Documentation and Reporting
To Meet the Latest Requirements of Participation (RoP) Survey Standards


Eliminate paper—meet the latest RoP documentation requirements in one keystroke: All training and competency courses are fully integrated with our documentation and reporting system to give you immediate access to any staff member’s full training history on demand, to meet federal and state documentation compliance requirements.

On-demand documentation is also available for competency training courses, so you can provide full documentation of competency training, an important new requirement under state surveys.

Electronic access is far more reliable and accurate than paper-based checklists, forms, and binders for providing documentation of education and competency evaluations to federal and state surveyors.


Comprehensive eLearning Courses
Cover the Wide Range of Critical Nursing, Clinical, and Care Topics


Healthcare Academy e-learning courses, authored by the leading subject-matter experts in nursing and clinical care, cover the entire range of topics required for training both existing staff and new hires, competency training, and continuing education for long-term care facility staff.

Courses also cover high-demand topics such as dementia/Alzheimer’s care, antibiotic stewardship, person-centered care, and resident rights—important training areas which are now a focus of federal and state surveyors who will be assessing skill levels and competency of your facility staff.

Consistent e-Learning Format Makes Training Efficient and Effective


All Healthcare Academy e-learning courses are produced in a single, consistent format to make efficient use of your staff’s training time and eliminate the delays and confusion of keeping up with different presentations of material and training styles in each new course.

Owners of multiple long-term care facilities get the added benefit of delivering one training program to every staff member in each location, to ensure consistency in educational material for uniform training results, compliance, and improved staff performance and resident outcomes.


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